A character analysis of cyrano de bergerac

Ashley Kannan Certified Educator I think that you won't have any particular problems in finding relevant texts or connections that have the discussion of good and evil as part of their thematic developments.

A character analysis of cyrano de bergerac

Courageous, honorable, and witty, he is the hero of the play. He is in love with his cousin Roxane, but does not tell her of his love because he is certain that, due to his physical deformity, she could not love him back.

In other words, she loves Cyrano. Cyrano dies, felled by log of wood dropped on his head by a lackey of his enemies. He never fulfils his dream. He is handsome but intellectually dull and lacking in eloquence.

When Cyrano provides Christian with the words to woo Roxane, Christian wins her.

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Overcome with misery that Roxane loves Cyrano, and not him, Christian goes off to the battlefield and is the first to be killed. But when she discovers the secret, she realizes that it is Cyrano, not Christian, whom she has loved for all these years.

Roxane Roxane is a beautiful, intelligent, and intellectually accomplished woman. She is loved and admired by many men, including Cyrano, Christian, and de Guiche.

A character analysis of cyrano de bergerac

Only Cyrano, however, is her equal in terms of intelligence and courage. At the battlefield at Arras, she undergoes a shift that affects the outcome of the play: She is unaware that Cyrano, not Christian, provided the words for these letters, as well as for the speeches with which Christian courted her.

At that point, it is too late for them to enjoy happiness together.


Comte de Guiche De Guiche is an influential nobleman who is in love with Roxane and wants to marry her off to one of his followers, the Vicomte de Valvert, in order to have access to her. De Guiche hates Cyrano because Cyrano repeatedly exposes his hypocrisy.

He is now the Duc de Grammont, and one of the most powerful men in France. He confesses to Roxane that, unlike Cyrano, he has made compromises in order to achieve success.

He admires Cyrano for his independence, and tries to save him from being killed by his enemies by delivering a warning to his friend, Le Bret, but in vain. He tries to warn Cyrano that he should not create enemies, but Cyrano takes no notice of him.

He is a satirist who upsets a prominent nobleman by penning a satirical attack on him. As a result, the nobleman arranges for him to be ambushed by a hundred men.

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Cyrano single-handedly fights off the hundred men. Ragueneau Ragueneau is a pasty-cook who loves poetry and accepts poems as payment for his baked goods. He is a friend of Cyrano. She gets angry with him for giving away his baked goods in return for poems, which she despises so much that she uses the paper on which they are written as wrapping paper for pastries.

She leaves her husband to run away with a Musketeer. Carbon de Castel-Jaloux Carbon is the captain of the army company of which Cyrano and Christian are members. Montfleury Montfleury is a fat and untalented actor whom Cyrano bans from the stage. Bellerose Bellerose is the manager of the theater at the Hotel de Bourgogne.

Capuchin The Capuchin is a monk whom de Guiche employs to carry a message to Roxane. Roxane persuades him to marry her to Christian.

A character analysis of cyrano de bergerac

They are compassionate women who are fond of Cyrano. Vicomte de Valvert Valvert is an insolent nobleman and a follower of de Guiche. At the beginning of the play, de Guiche intends to marry him off to Roxane so that he de Guiche can have access to her. The Marquises The Marquises are three snobbish and superficial noblemen who give the fashionable view of various characters at the theater in the first Act.

They have little time for Christian because he is not dressed in the latest fashion, but fawn on de Guiche because he is successful.Cyrano De Bergerac- Character Analysis. Characters in Cyrano De Bergerac. STUDY. PLAY. Cyrano De Bergerac. A poet, swordsman, scientist, playwright, musician, and member of the Cadets of Gascoyne, a company of guards from Southern France.

For all his prodigious talents, Cyrano is unattractive, cursed with a ridiculously long nose that makes him.

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Characters whose names are followed by an asterisk are known to have been historical figures. Cyrano de Bergerac* The main character of the regardbouddhiste.com is a soldier, poet, philosopher, and scientist — a man of immense courage, versatility, and talent.

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So far I have: Macbeth, Othello, Lord Of The Flies and To Kill A. Cyrano de Bergerac: Character Profiles, Free Study Guides and book notes including comprehensive chapter analysis, complete summary analysis, author biography information, character profiles, theme analysis, metaphor analysis, and top ten quotes on classic literature.

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