A review of the movie starship troopers by paul verhoeven

Unique, subversive masterpiece This film is about the ignorance of conquerors and the fact that war makes fascists of us all. Now that doesn't sound like a lot of fun, does it. Paul Verhoeven was a master at making Sci-Fi films which worked both as perfect mainstream popcorn cinema and as very intelligent social commentary on the direction - he felt - society was headed. And despite the fact that the over-the-top satirical elements and highly political undercurrents in his two previous sci-fi extravaganzas Robocop and Total Recall were only appreciated by a few critics at the time, those two films became huge hits at the box office:

A review of the movie starship troopers by paul verhoeven

GeeMan 8 August Warning: Verhoeven raided the casts of various soap operas for his characters, a decision that exemplifies the portrayal of killing the enemy as a glamorous occupation in most war films, and the dialogue is filled with ironic machismo of the kind that can only be deeply satirical.

FX are fantastic as are the one-liners. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. Am I the only one who thinks Verhoeven hates Heinlein?

A review of the movie starship troopers by paul verhoeven

Those who hated it, because of the silly look, mediocre acting, goriness, poor science, or infidelity to Heinlein; b. Those who applaud the anti-militarism theme.

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I disagree with all of the above. Actually, I somehwat agree with group a. Criticising a movie for infidelity to a primary source or technical inaccuracy is like criticising it for being in colour; they are very few mainstream movies not like that. In this case, however, any dismay by Heinlein fans is deserved.

In fact, I became convinced that either Verhoeven or Neumeier strongly dislikes Heinlein - in particular, his social beliefs - and deliberately parodied his work. Heinlein was a science fiction author, and both sociological and technological details in his books are important to the plot.

The movie is pure science fantasy. Heinlein was careful with his science, and even included physics calculations in his work; this movie has starships piloted by kids staring out the windshield, and being shot down by the farts of giant bugs.

Forgetting the times in which Heinlein lived, people have sometimes accused him of revealing fascist traits.

Bizarre extremism to present day readers, but remember the context: Heinlein was writing just after the vast armies of WW2 saved the world from the Nazis, when national service was still nearly universal, and the Cold War was just hotting up. Anyone advocating the abolition of compulsory military service looked suspiciously like a commie fellow traveller.

But there was Heinlein a naval veteran suggesting a novel compromise path: So the "fascist Heinlein" claims are somewhat shallow. The Mobile Infantry are dressed in SS-like uniforms instead of power armour, the Terran government uses Nazi propaganda techniques, and an intelligence officer is dressed as a Gestapo agent.

When some viewers asked about the strangely fascist newsreels, we were told it was a parody of WW2 Nazi newsreels.

Unless it was a comment on the social ideas being parodied at the same time If so it is rather, erm, ironic that a movie parodying Nazi propaganda techniques should employ slightly subtler but essentially similar methods itself Finally, a couple of particular gripes: Some people have lauded the special effects.One week after the election of Donald Trump, Paul Verhoeven was at the Film Society of Lincoln Center presenting “Starship Troopers,” a .

AT FIRST BLUSH Starship Troopers appears to have only a superficial connection with World War II. In the film, transports carry elite troops across long distances to a hostile shore, where the warriors clamber into landing craft that carry them into battle against an enemy who neither gives.

Read movie and film review for Starship Troopers () - Paul Verhoeven on AllMovie - This highly ambitious adaptation of the sci-fi Read movie and film review for Starship Troopers () - Paul Verhoeven on AllMovie - This highly ambitious adaptation of the sci-fi AllMovie. Nov 07,  · Discussing the science of "Starship Troopers'' is beside the point.

Paul Verhoeven is facing in the other direction. He wants to depict the world of the future as it might have been visualized in the mind of a kid reading Heinlein in /5. Directed by Paul Verhoeven. With Casper Van Dien, Denise Richards, Dina Meyer, Jake Busey.

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Humans in a fascist, militaristic future wage war with giant alien bugs in a satire of modern world politics. Jul 29,  · In , the effects in Starship Troopers were state of the art, but in , the graphics look like a bad made-for-TV movie. Despite its notably cheesy looking effects, Starship Troopers.

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