A study of hrm of pccw

Employee motivation in international business organizations: There are significant changes, challenges and opportunities that are faced by human resources managers. A considerable number of companies have developed into an essential part of the period of global competition, increasing development, improved business paradigms, and corporate reorganization. The continuing transformation from the traditional industrial framework with its hierarchical companies to a worldwide, knowledge-founded financial system and intelligent corporations that alters the ideas regarding the agreement of rights and duties involving employers and employees and the progressive expansion of more adaptable pool of talent and a body of workforce, necessitates human resource HR purposes to realign and relocate itself in the vicinity of these social and economic drivers.

A study of hrm of pccw

Review of Related Literature The wide ranges of literatures related to human resources management as well as various incidents affecting its totality are extensive. Given with this fact, this chapter goes over the related literatures conducted on the area of study.

By embarking on such pursuit, the research may be guided accordingly by firstly discovering where the research is coming from, what and how much have been studied regarding the topic and what it is yet to tackle.

A study of hrm of pccw

Besides providing background to the study, this study will provide the necessary theoretical and conceptual aspects in order for the research to stand credible.

References from this segment of the paper are a product of broad researching and information retrieval.

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Overview of the Company: It offers telecommunication services, business e-solutions, infrastructure, and television and media content. It employs more than 14, employees in The Concept of Motivation Motivation is an important element to every organization, as this could affect the productivity and the morale of the staff.

Lack of motivation will cause high staff turnover, high rate of absenteeism, poor performance, not willing to attend the training course, etc. It is the role of HRD to implement different kind of rewards system or recognition system in order to maintain the morale.

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By understanding the motivation theories, it also assists HRD to prepare a better structure of training planning and design in an organization.

It is fundamental to understand the motivation factor in order to examine the relationship between rewards system and learning attitude of the people. Some people might think that motivation is a view of personal trait as some have or some might not have it Robbins, Armstrong also defined motivation will cause people to act or behave in certain ways.

From this theory, Mullins identifies four common characteristics which underline the above definition of motivation: Motivation is typified as an individual phenomenon. Every person is unique and all the major theories of motivation allow for this uniqueness to be demonstrated in one way or another.

Motivation is described, usually, as intentional. The two factors of greatest importance are 1 what gets people activated arousal ; and 2 the force of an individual to engage in desired behaviour direction or choice of behaviour.

A study of hrm of pccw

The purpose of motivational theories is to predict behaviour. Motivation is not the behaviour itself, and it is not performance.Purpose of the Study.

This study will be conducted in order to determine the success factors of the PCCW Management in internationalizing their trend to other countries / continents through their effective staff motivation strategies, and provide meaningful lessons.


A case study can focus on a business or entire industry, a specific project or program, or a person. Human resource management requires strong strategy to effectively and efficiently achieve goals, objectives, and – in turn – better performance.

The strategy, management program, and. Project Human Resource Management Study Notes. 2 Points to Note •Please read Chapter 9 from Project Management Institute, A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge, (PMBOK® Guide) – Fourth Edition, Project Management Institute, Inc., (pages ).

Value Chain Management –BUSI A Study of HRM in PCCW of Hong Kong October 29, A Study of HRM in PCCW of Hong Kong Contents 1.

Executive Summary. Based on this, it can be perceived that along with the changes that must be facilitated in the organization, a change in its vision must also be fostered.


This means that PCCW wants to be ahead in the industry, not only in terms of the products and services that it offers, but also in terms of how it manages its workforce in the organization. The solution helped the employees of Hong Kong government's Housing Authority by shifting internal administrative processes to self-service.

The integrated system reduces paperwork, facilitates the implementation of competency-based HRM practices and can improve performance management and development.

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