Beekeeping business plan forum

Peach trees blossom very early in the year even before they get leaves and before bees and other pollinating insects are around. So, a tickle with a sable paint brush around all the flowers is the way to spread the pollen and hopefully get a good crop.

Beekeeping business plan forum

Ideally, you will have someone guide you who has kept honey bees before, but if not, you will have to go it alone and recognize when to harvest, how to open and remove the frames, what the queen bee looks like etc.

However, we hope that our simple guide to keeping honey bees for beginners like you, will help in some way to put you on the right path.

Don't forget, though, it is no use keeping honey bees if you don't have the right honey plants to allow your bees to collect the nectar and convert it to honey.

beekeeping business plan forum

Position your hives so that they face east, and make sure that they are protected from the afternoon sun.

Also make sure that they have access to fresh water every day.

You can achieve this by placing a watering dish close at hand, but if it is rather large, make sure that you have some pieces of wood floating on the water for the bees to rest on and so that they don't drown while drinking. Make sure that the hives are not resting on damp ground by placing the hive on a row of bricks.

Damp hives will result in sick bees. If you live in an beekeeping business plan forum with skunks, bears or raccoons you will need to protect your hives as far as possible from these animals, as they will raid your hives if you don't.

Finally, don't keep more than 2 colonies per acre. Good bee keeping management will result in about 45 kg of honey per hive. Make sure that any additions that you make to your hive come from the same manufacturer as dimensions are not standard, and you will not have a good fit if you don't.

Therefore, it is sensible to buy protective clothing. This should be an overall which has elasticated arms and legs, a veil and hat where the veil can be tucked down into the overall. Finally a good pair of leather gloves.

The downside of using gloves is that when you are trying to extract the frames, the gloves make it all rather cumbersome. Some people are brave enough to ditch the gloves when working, others cut off the fingers to allow for a better grip.

In the end it is what is comfortable for you. You can burn compressed sawdust or compressed cotton fibers that can be commercially purchased from suppliers.

However, there are other fuels that are freely available and cost nothing. You can burn pine needles, sawdust and chipped wood mulch is all suitable. Just make sure that the wood that you are using has not been treated with any chemicals.

Give it a good shake. If nectar comes out of it, put it back and wait a few weeks more as the honey isn't ready.

When it has matured, you can now harvest the honey, but always leave some for the honey bees. They will need that honey to survive on, especially during winter months, and if you remove all the honey, your bees will die. However, if you are removing honey during spring you may want to remove more honey than you would for an autumn harvest to prevent swarming.

Don't remove honey from the brooding boxes. The honey here is darker, and dislodged brood and larvae will contaminate the honey.

Although there are a number of ways from shaking the frames to turning the hive on its side, the best way is of course to use a smoker as it makes the bees drowsy and far less aggressive. Aim the smoker at the hive and try and prise the lid off the hive so you can get to the frames. Keeping the smoker going lift the frames and brush the bees off the frames with a brush that is specifically for this purpose.

Make sure that it is clean. You could also free the bees from the frame by shaking them off the frame. Remove as many frames as you want to in this manner and replace them with clean frames. Make sure the knife is sharp.

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