Bowtech writing a letter

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Bowtech writing a letter

They were an instant hit and won several awards. More recently, Bowtech has launched its flagship, the Realm, also tagged as a Smartbow. Is the flagship Realm smarter than the Reign? Bowhunters will have to decide that for themselves, but the Realm does include a number of brand-new Bowtech technologies.

More about this later. The FLX-Guard cable guard system designed to reduce torque is back as well. A lot, as it happens. Connecting the limbs to the riser is a new CP Dual Lock pocket, billed as a zero-tolerance system.

The riser is less reflexed and slightly wider as well, perhaps in part to accommodate the wider limbs and limb pockets.

Among the more noticeable new features is the Clutch Performance Grip, a slick, skinny grip that is all but indistinguishable from the riser.

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Bowtech indicates some grip options for CPG will be available in the future. Also new is the Orbit Dampener, which comes affixed near the bottom of the riser. In fact, numerous threaded holes high and low on the riser allow shooters to install dampeners, weights or other accessories to customize balance or functionality.

One other new feature is really the absence of a feature: The test model was BlackOps, which makes obvious any irregularities or blemishes. There were none, nor were there any machining marks of any kind. The Realm logo is somewhat oversized, but it is crisp and high-contrast, and some understated red highlights on the Bowtech logo and elsewhere popped out nicely against the black finish on the test bow.

Shooting the Bow Preliminary setup proceeded smoothly. Maxed out, the test model was a little over 70 pounds, so that was brought into spec. The set screws and limb bolts turned smoothly without sticking or chattering. Lateral adjustment of the rest is as simple as ensuring that the arrow is equidistant from the front and back of the riser.

Out of the box, the Flip Disc is on the Comfort setting, and I wanted to do the objective tests on the Performance setting.NYCC is collecting letters of support for Crossbow inclusion into Arnot Forest Archery shared Bowtech INC.'s photo. · January 8, · Diamond, or Parker compound bow for Christmas this year!

Stop in and see us, or call - become part of the family at Arnot Forest Archery! Arnot Forest Archery updated their profile picture. · October /5(5). Check out Bowtech Assemblers And Fabricators's Resume.

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Bow Report: The flagship Bowtech Realm features a number of brand-new Bowtech technologies. See how it performed in our tests.

OWNERS MANUAL. 1 TABLE OF CONTENTS THANK YOU Congratulations. You have just purchased the finest compound bow in the world. Your new BowTech is designed to be the smoothest, quietest, fastest bow of its kind, with patented and patent-pending technology in writing and attached as a “Birth Certificate” to every bow shipped.

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bowtech writing a letter
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