Business: eating and finagle a bagel essay

The forces that impact Finagle A Bagel include competitive, economic, political, legal and regulatory, technological, and coloratura forces. Pride, Another way they keep original is by having music for kids in some of their stores. Their hope Is that kids will tell their parents that they want to go where the music Is.

Business: eating and finagle a bagel essay

And any menu item in our stores really needs to reaffirm that as our core concept. In addition to its retailing activities, the company wholesales its bagels in bulk to hospitals, schools, and other organizations.

Whether selling wholesale or retail, the company is always hunting for new product ideas involving bagels. They also browse food magazines and cookbooks for ideas about out-of-the-ordinary flavors, taste combinations, and preparation methods.

Business: eating and finagle a bagel essay

When developing a new bagel variety, for example, Robertson says that she looks for ideas that are uncommon and innovative yet appealing: People look at Finagle A Bagel as kind of the trendsetter. Through trial and error, they refine the idea until they like the way the bagel or sandwich looks and tastes.

Occasionally, Business: eating and finagle a bagel essay A Bagel has to put an idea on hold until it can find just the right ingredients. For example, when Robertson was working on a new bagel with jalapeno peppers and cheddar cheese, she had difficulty finding a cheese that would melt during baking but not dissolve and disappear into the batter.

Ultimately, she found a supplier willing to cook up cheese formulas especially for Finagle A Bagel.

Business: Eating and Finagle A Bagel | Essay Example The above examples are just a few elements of each part of the marketing mix that Finagle A Bagel uses.

After baking, Robertson would send some of the bagels overnight to the supplier so that the two of them could discuss the flavor, consistency, and other details. The cheeses and bagels flew back and forth for eight months until Finagle A Bagel hit on a recipe that worked well.

And we just gave the product away. Not every new flavor becomes popular, however. Dark chocolate bagels with white chocolate chips sold poorly, as did pineapple-mango-coconut bagels. Today, plain bagels remain the best-selling flavor, followed by sesame. Spend nothing on advertising.

Many quick-serve food companies use television and radio commer cials, newspaper advertisements, and other mass-media messages to build brand awareness, promote products, and attract customers. Consider what happened when Finagle A Bagel used samples and coupons to build lunchtime sales by promoting bagel sandwiches in one of the suburban stores.

Instead of placing an ad in the local newspaper, Robertson and her staff went to the store and prepared bagel sandwiches. They cut each in half and wrapped the halves individually.


Then they set up Finagle A Bagel bags, put a half-sandwich into each, and added a coupon for a free bagel sandwich without any risk. A few people would roll up their car windows. Some crazy lady threw a bagel through my car window, and it was great.

You should check it out. The popular Finagle A Bagel headquarters tour has become an effective public-relations tool. In the factory area, visitors watch through a huge window as hundreds of pounds of dough are mixed, cut, and shaped into bagels. The window is set low so even the youngest visitors can get a great view of the process.

For example, every Finagle A Bagel store sports an eye-catching burgundy-and-yellow sign featuring an oversized bagel with a few bites taken out. This bagel icon is repeated on posters highlighting menu items as well as on other store decorations.

Still, the suburban stores are not exactly like the downtown stores. The Harvard Square store is unique: It has a liquor license and attracts a large student crowd, which means it is busier on weekends than on weekdays. One of the most effective sales promotion techniques the company uses is the Frequent Finagler loyalty card, which rewards customers for making repeat purchases.

For every dollar customers spend on bagels or other menu items, they receive Frequent Finagler points that can be redeemed for free coffee, free sandwiches, and so on. Customers are pleased because they receive extra value for the money they spend—and Finagle A Bagel is pleased because its average sale to loyal customers is higher.

Regardless of cost, the company will not compromise quality. Therefore, the first step in pricing a new product is to find the best possible ingredients and then examine the costs and calculate an approximate retail price. Does Finagle A Bagel apply all seven phases of the new product development process when working on a new menu item such as the jalapeno-and-cheese bagel?

What arguments can you offer for and against Finagle A Bagel raising prices in higher-rent stores? Finagle A Bagel is both a wholesaler and a retailer. Which of these two marketing intermediary roles do you think the company should develop more aggressively in the next few years? Should Finagle A Bagel continue to spend nothing on media advertising and rely instead primarily on sales promotion techniques such as samples and coupons?View Essay - Thomas_Critically Reading a Position Essay from ENGLISH at Baker College.

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Business: Eating and Finagle A Bagel | Essay Example

Check out our other writing samples, like our resources on Argumentative Essay, Zoroastrianism Essay, Zeus Essay. + see more popular essays - hide popular essays Descriptive Essay -The Dump. 1. How has the business cycle affected Finagle A Bagel? * The business cycle has affected the Finagle A Bagel in a positive way.

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I say this because the business is spreading and opening up more restaurants, so the business cycle has had a successful impact on the business even though running the business is nonstop.

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of Finagle A Bagel Business Owner Making an artisan bagel takes time- that's why it takes two days to make our signature Finagle a Bagel bagels.

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