E commerce company centric b2b and e procurement

Microsoft — Digitalization in Healthcare Modern hospital Introduction to the vision of a modern hospital and load-bearing pillars of the digitalization. Optimization of clinical and operational effectiveness Optimization is the main theme of the transformation of healthcare on a global scale. Searching for tools to provide better, more cost-effective care and higher quality of treatments are the key elements of improvement for the whole healthcare financing system.

E commerce company centric b2b and e procurement

Your Strategic Advantage The successes of CoreXpand customers come from the ability to be more strategic by using our flexible technology platform. This strategic approach is based on three proven principles: The more adaptable you are to your customers' needs, the greater their loyalty.

Ease of Set Up and Maintenance After working with thousands of businesses, we know what it takes to get the job done. Unlike some providers, we actually listen to your needs, help you identify the best solution, and use our proven, service oriented process to help you get setup as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Once you are set up in the system, you can create as many new Company Stores as you need, with point and click ease, through our powerful Admin Console. Company Store Templates We have a vast array of gorgeous company store graphical templates you can choose from.

You can also use our fantastic design team for a custom look for your more demanding customers. Rewards Points Programs Easily create and manage points and rewards programs on the fly. Use these tools to drive sales to your company store and help build add-on sales.

Proof on Demand Whether your offering printed products like business cards, letterhead, or brochures, or customizable products like plaques, cups and more, our proof-on-demand module renders a reviewable proof of your customers' product customizations prior to check out.

Automated Set Up Fees Our flexible company store platform allows you to determine which line items to automatically calculate in the store, such as imprint fees, set-up fees, and line-item fees.

This ensures correct pricing and hassle-free ordering for your customers — every time. This tool allows your customers to request a quote - right in your company store.

No more phone tag, faxes or back and forth emails for your customers. Many promo dealers find this convenience leads to more sales, more often. Designer Tool For those customers who need to design their own pieces, our advanced Designer Tool allows ANY products to be customized, saved and re-ordered whenever your customers need.

They can even upload their own artwork, change fonts, and more, with point and click ease, right in your company store. The Designer Tool allows promo dealers to create pre-set pricing profiles that calculate pricing based in imprint locations and decoration type, etc Custom Built Workflows, Tools, and Programs built to suit you and your customers' requirements.

After providing solutions for thousands of organizations, including the complex structures of Fortune companies and Government entities, CoreXpand has perfected an extensive array of customer centric functions you may choose to offer your clients.

You can even help their purchasing management efforts with budgeting controls. Punch-Out Our flexible eCommerce platform allows you to also connect your catalog data with any customer's e-procurement system via stable, worry-free PunchOut catalogs.

For more about our PunchOut solutions, visit: Testimonials "Staying competitive with an online store presence" "We need to stay up with the technology, and we need the ability to have an online store presence to keep up with the competition.

Yes, they helped one of our product lines become a generator of seven-figure revenue. I usually get an email response within 20 minutes or so. We have six stores, and five of them are on Corexpand. We go to Corexpand before any other vendor. They have the go-to software.Single sign-on is enabled.

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E commerce company centric b2b and e procurement

D) company-centric EC. 3) Many-to-many e-marketplaces, usually owned and run by a third party or a consortium, in which many buyers and many sellers meet electronically to trade with each other best. "The conference continues to provide a comfortable and effective platform where we can learn new things, be reminded and refreshed in things we already knew and feel part of a data community which has similar challenges to ourselves.

If you're looking to drive the B2B customer experience with real-time information, visit CDI for e-commerce ERP and payment solutions to drive efficiency.

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