Finc 6000 group assignment

A study of federal income tax for individuals and other entities.

Finc 6000 group assignment

Basic accounting principles with focus on preparation and use of financial statements. Emphasis on cost accounting, budgeting, and decision making using managerial accounting information. Introduction to contracts, sales, torts, ethics and the judicial system.

Accounting principles and theory including accounting for current assets, liabilities, and investments. Career planning and preparation for employment in the finance industry. Corporate finance from the perspective of a financial manager. Topics include time value of money, valuation, and capital budgeting.

In-depth analysis of financial concepts including valuation capital budgeting, cost of capital, leasing, financial analysis, and capital structure.

Types of investment security markets, investment instruments, concepts and strategies for institutional and individual investors. Overview of the financial system, organization and regulation of financial markets and institutions, the behavior and structure of interest rates.

Application of financial management and investments concepts through Excel modeling. Topics include capital budgeting, capital asset pricing, cost of Finc 6000 group assignment, stock and bond valuation.

Study of functions, institutions, and basic problems in marketing of goods and services in a global economy. Introduction to analytics in business including use of data to make business decisions, basic predictive business modeling, and communication of analytical results.

Management functions and the applications of management principles in organization. A second course in quantitative analysis in business including statistical inference, classification analysis, predictive modeling, forecasting, introduction to data mining.

Objectives, strategy, and policies pertaining to a total organization. Problem-solving and the relationship between the functional areas of an organization. College of Business Information Technology requirement. Plans for managing personal financing problems involving insurance, housing, household budgeting, investments, personal and bank loans, personal credit and time value of money.

Essentials of risk management, with emphasis on the use of insurance, including the characteristics of property, liability, life and health insurance.

Fundamental principles and practices as applied to the purchase, sale and lease and management of real estate. Financial control, financial forecasting, working capital and sources of financing in a small and closely-held business environment.

Foundations of Business Finance is a broad based introductory course that will focus on finance functions and applications of finance principles.

Finc 6000 group assignment

This course is not open to undergraduates majoring in business. Commercial risks and the insurance contracts used to address these risks. Analysis and evaluation of real estate investments including cash flow measurement for both residential and commercial investment projects.

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The advanced application of corporate finance through case analysis, company analysis, and current topics. Evaluation and assessment of financial condition, performance, and reporting strategies of firms using relevant financial and market information.

Analysis, techniques and selection of securities to meet specific investment objectives. Focus on individual security analysis and portfolio management. Management strategies for firms including management of credit, liquidity, capital and interest rate risks in a regulated environment.

Advanced individual research and study in finance under the direction of a faculty member. Course may be repeated for a maximum of 6 credit hours.

The internship program offers the opportunity to gain relevant and meaningful work experience. Course may be repeated for a maximum of 9 credit hours.

Specialized topics and current developments and innovations in finance. Advantages and problems associated with the modern multinational corporation, including analysis of currency risk, hedging, and political risk.

Strategic analysis of corporate restructuring including valuation methods, control issues, takeover defense measures, and diversification issues.

Examination of derivative securities with emphasis on applying derivative securities to the management of corporate financial risk.High mark assignment for FINC group project. The report includes three parts.

The first two parts are the application of different models and justifications on the data selection. The calculation is mainly based on the mean- variance approach and CAPM, and the modern portfolio theory together with central limit theorem is the fundamentals of the analysis.


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