First year english lesson plan in perform communicative acts

The main reason given by those who believe the above-listed critical thinking skills should not and cannot be taught in Asian EFL contexts is that these skills are culture specific and therefore inappropriate for teaching in non-Western contexts. Atkinson claims that critical thinking is a social practice that embodies Western cultural values, of which many are not appropriate for non-Western students. Advocates of this point of view often refer to research indicating the differences between "collectivist" and "individualist" cultures. The research postulates that Asians e.

First year english lesson plan in perform communicative acts

Diane Larsen, Freeman Techniques and Principles in Language Teaching.

First year english lesson plan in perform communicative acts

The first stage is the presentation of an aspect of language in a context that students are familiar with, much the same way that a swimming instructor would demonstrate a stroke outside the pool to beginners. The second stage is practice, where students will be given an activity that gives them plenty of opportunities to practice the new aspect of language and become familiar with it whilst receiving limited and appropriate assistance from the teacher.

To continue with the analogy, the swimming instructor allowing the children to rehearse the stroke in the pool whilst being close enough to give any support required and plenty of encouragement. The final stage is production where the students will use the language in context, in an activity set up by the teacher who will be giving minimal assistance, like the swimming instructor allowing his young charges to take their first few tentative strokes on their own.

Indeed, there are strong arguments to suggest that experienced teachers trained in PPP use many aspects of TBL and ESA in their lessons, and that these new methodologies are in truth, the PPP methodology with some minor adjustments.

The language that we call English today has absorbed a great many influences over the last thousand years or so. It has resulted in it becoming a language that can provide us with First year english lesson plan in perform communicative acts sparklingly witty pop culture reference from a Tarantino script, 4 simple words spoken by Dr.

Martin Luther King that continue to inspire us today, and something as simple and mundane as a road traffic sign. These chunks of language are what EFL teachers call target language We are going to look at an example of what a piece of target language might be and then you will be given more detail on how this would be taught in a PPP lesson before finally watching three videos with some key aspects of each stage of the lesson highlighted for you.

During the course we will spend a great deal of time in the training room equipping you with the tools to employ a successful methodology for teaching the English language.

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You are going to get opportunities to both hone these skills in the training room and put them into practice in authentic classroom settings. How on earth am I going to cope with standing at the front of a class with 20 plus pairs of eyes looking at me waiting to see what I do?

All good TEFL courses are designed to train those with no teaching experience whatsoever. We will spend the first part of the course in the training room making you familiar with all the new skills you will need whilst giving you opportunities to practice them in a supported and controlled environment.

First year english lesson plan in perform communicative acts

Only after that, will you be put in an authentic classroom environment. It goes without saying that the first time anybody stands up and delivers their first lesson will be a nerve-racking experience.

However, it is also an experience that mellows over time, and one that all teachers remember fondly as time goes by and they feel more at home in a classroom. There will be some of you out there with experience of teaching in a classroom already.

You may be well versed in employing many different methodologies and strategies in your classroom already, but many or most will have been with native English speaking students, or those with a near-native levels of English. This means that some of the skills we will be equipping you with may feel a little alien at first, but your experience will not prove to be a hindrance.

Here is an activity lesson on the various ways people communicate

Indeed, you will already have successful classroom management skills that can be adapted to fit a second language classroom fairly easily and other trainees on the course will benefit from your presence.

In addition, some of the skills that you will learn on the course can also be adapted to work in a classroom of native speakers too, and it is not unusual for experienced teachers to comment on exactly this after completing a good TEFL course.

Target Language in an EFL Lesson Recall how it is the job of the EFL teacher to break down the rich tapestry of the English language into manageable bite-size chunks, suitable for study in an average study period of 50 minutes.

As mentioned, we refer to these chunks as target language. As EFL teachers we will select target language that is appropriate for both the skill level and the age of the students. The target language that you will see being presented in the videos is Likes and dislikes for 6 food items.

The teacher you will watch in the video has a clear aim, which is to ensure that: In short, the students will be able to name the 6 food items by the end of the lesson and tell whether they like them or not. Presentation — Part 1 of PPP You may have delivered a few presentations in your time but the type of presentation we deliver in a second language classroom will differ quite a bit from those.

For a start, you were speaking to proficient users of the English language about something they were, most likely, vaguely familiar with anyway.‘Bricolage’, or the artful use of whatever is at hand (Levi-Strauss, ; Harel & Papert, ), is just what second language teachers are doing everyday in their configure, adjust, reject, edit, and play with various technologies in order to perform an interesting lesson with students.

May 22,  · The enabler has a lesson plan that goes beyond just teaching the subject matter and ‘involving’ learners: s/he actually is able to hand over the responsibility and . Lesson Plan for Grade 4. Objectives: At the end of the lesson, 90% of the students are able to: Use the gender of nouns in a sentence properly.

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Take part in the discussion and group activity. Way to go 8 SUGGESTED PLAN FOR ONE SCHOOL YEAR - WAY TO GO 8 OKVIRNI PLAN I PROGRAM ZA WAY TO GO 8 The Teacher’s Book contains a step by step lesson plan with additional teaching ideas. a vocabox.’ You’re trying to catch a bus.

but only with the first letters. to go 8 Lesson 3 PARENTS AND CHILDREN Objectives to revise. a messages original meaning gets lost in the translation between thought and the act of communicating it.

Teaching young people how to communicate effectively helps them maintain healthy relationships, resolve conflicts peacefully, excel in school, and eventually get and keep jobs.

MATERIALS: Paper Pens and pencils. LENGTH OF LESSON: 30 minutes.

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PROCEDURE: 1. egin by playing the game . Interesting and Fun Ways of Teaching Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet (5 out of 5) These interesting and fun ways of teaching Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet will make the play enjoyable. Create Montague and Capulet family shields.

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