How to improve your pronunciation

Many people get through school without putting enough time in improving their public speaking skills. As a result, when they have to speak to coworkers, pitch products or make presentations, they lack the skills that make truly effective business people stand out. Fortunately, becoming a better public speaker is not hard; it just requires regular practice of a few key techniques.

How to improve your pronunciation

How to Improve your Pronunciation Can native English speakers understand you when you speak? Do you want to speak clearly and naturally?

How to improve your pronunciation

The 1 Problem with Pronunciation In my experience, there are two kinds of people who want to improve their pronunciation: People who are really demanding and will probably never be satisfied with themselves.

People who want to sound more natural so that other people can understand them easily. When I help students with pronunciation, I always say this: And finally, you can imitate each sound of the word with me. But what can you do when you break the words into individual sounds?

What does that mean? It means saying one or more sentences in a very choppy manner, like I showed in the video. I want to tell you about a specific situation with one of my Brazilian students.

Cedric talks about it in the video …

Then we can say the sentence faster and faster, like this: I want the other book. Because we began in a robotic way, the student can train their muscles to say it correctly. In the comments below this video, answer the question.

What are some words that are difficult for you to pronounce?

How to improve your pronunciation

Was this video lesson useful to you?Learn the IPA vowel symbols to greatly improve your pronunciation. This lesson is also for more advanced students who are already familiar with the sounds of English and their IPA phonetic symbols, and who wish to refresh their knowledge as a result of doing some practical pronunciation practice.

First days I was feeling frustrated because of my pronunciation, my grammar, but after that I’ve started to speaking with my colleagues. It was inevitable, doing mistake,and I was surprising to see my colleagues doing grammar mistakes. Another way how students can improve their pronunciation is by reading aloud, this can be done in class, usually with a piece of literature, but they can also practise on their own.

By reading out loud students familiarise themselves with the sound, rhythm, intonation and stress of the language. In this video, you’re going to learn how to improve your English pronunciation.

And at the end of this video, I’ll give you a link to a webpage that contains free pronunciation exercises.

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Improving your English Pronunciation Phillip Backley 1 Introduction To become competent users of a second language, learners must focus on various different aspects of .

Be surprised at how quickly your pronunciation improves! By focusing on stressed words, non-stressed words and syllables take on their more muted nature. When listening to native speakers, focus on how those speakers stress certain words and begin to copy this.

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