How to write a geography coursework conclusion of air

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How to write a geography coursework conclusion of air

To apply the Butler Model to Tourism in Sitges and Calafell Sitges and Calafell are approximately equal-sized settlements lying to the south west of Barcelona see Figure 1.

Both rely on tourism as a major source of income and employment and the study aims to compare the relative success of tourism, in its various forms, by employing the Butler Model. Figure 1 - Location of study areas Remember the Butler Model?

The Butler Model is a method used to study the evolution of tourism over time and at which stage of the development model a settlement happens to be at this point in time. Tourism is a major source of income for many settlements and those on the Spanish coastline are no exception. Tourism has grown in importance as a major generator of wealth because of three main factors: The increased leisure time that people now have as a result of longer paid holidays, lengthier retirements and shorter working hours and weeks.

An increase in disposable income. This refers to the money available to the individual or family once all fixed costs, such as mortgage or rent, utilities, food etc have been paid for.

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The greater ease of travel with developments in air and land transportation. Both Sitges and Calafell have developed for these reasons. Sitges - a brief history Sitges is a town of approximately 25, people and is located about 30 km south of Barcelona.

Despite its direct contact with the sea, the town had more peasant farmers than fishermen, with vineyards being the main economic activity. The fortunes made were invested in the purchase or repair of the town's old houses. Sitges, although located close to Barcelona, was still hard to access at the time, but began to develop as a summer resort for taking the waters.

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As early asthere are records showing that baths were already being used as medicinal therapy and spa enthusiasts directly became beach enthusiasts. However, it was not untilwith the arrival of the railway line from Barcelona, that tourism in Sitges really began to develop.

InSitges was visited by Charles Deering, a North American millionaire who converted a street in the historic core into a palace, the Palau Maricel.

how to write a geography coursework conclusion of air

Inthe Terramar garden city and the Passeig Maritim or Esplanade were constructed. From then on, Sitges would become a European tourism standard setter. Read the information to the left and watch the video sometimes a bit cheesy making notes of all of the human festivals, hotels etc and physical climate, beaches etc attractions that Sitges offers year round.

Let's hope this guy isn't there to annoy us! Calafell - a brief history Calafell has a population of approximately 25, people and lies 50 km south of Barcelona. It owes its origins to a castle and occupied a defensive site on an inland hill.

The name Calafell means 'small castle' and the earliest reference to it dates from AD. For years the economy of Calafell was devoted to agriculture and fishing. Like Sitges, the arrival in the late 's of the railway from Barcelona led to a change in its economic fortunes.

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Calafell became more accessible and the development of second homes around the railway stations flourished with the Garden City project known as the Quadra de Segur.

At first people lived there only during holiday periods, but now the majority of the population are permanent residents. It was not until the 's that tourism began to develop strongly in Calafell, especially along the 5km of uninterrupted beach where numerous apartment buildings and hotels were constructed.

With the blessing of successive city councils, a huge speculative boom in the 's led to an endless row of 6-storey apartments facing the sea. Later regulations prevented excessive vertical growth whilst inland the prohibition of building over two and a half floors led to more green space and a lower population density.

Today, the town of Calafell is delimited into three very distinct areas. To the north, narrow streets surround the castle and the old church. To the south, and disconnected from the historic core, the former seafront fishing village has been converted into tourist area.

And to the east is Segur de Calafell, a former Garden City of second homes developed on farmland surrounding the railway station. Read the information to the left and watch the video making notes of all of the human festivals, hotels etc and physical climate, beaches etc attractions that Calafell offers.Example conclusion essay questions international relations my history essay birthday my profile essay neighbourhood.

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Geography Fieldwork Packages. Our most popular geography fieldwork studies can be viewed using the menu to the left. They cover the following themes. Introductions and conclusions can be the most difficult parts of papers to write.

Usually when you sit down to respond to an assignment, you have at least some sense of . Cultural Geography Assignments Help. Cultural Geography deals with language, culture, tradition, social norms, and many other related factors in a particular geographical region.

It’s more analytical and interdisciplinary in nature which puts some valuable insight into human behavior.

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