Jason fladlien copywriting a name

By Eleanor Prior 2 Comments Why Every Online Marketer Needs Copywriting Skills When you think about copywriting, does your mind immediately run to long, boring sales pages, squeeze pages and junk email cluttering up your inbox? But the fact of the matter is that copywriting skills are needed for more than just sales pages.

Jason fladlien copywriting a name

This is only available for a few qualified people. Both of them are regular speakers at high-powered marketing events and have impeccable reputations. In fact… check out how the public views them: Outside of phenomenal reputations, both guys have developed extremely strong followings.

Their names alone are HUGE.

Stopwatch Copywriting | Rapid Crush Inc.

The reason Robert and Jason have such strong reputations is because of the quality of their products. How confident would you be knowing that every time people bought from you they were getting extreme value?

And while it was a lot of money, I still look at it as the deal-of-a-lifetime. The Profit Potential With This Is Endless… I am stone-cold positive that owning this content would be an absolutely pivotal point in your career if you took action with it. Here are just some ideas that you could implement to earn a ton of money with this: Make a membership site — Robert and Jason originally made these videos as a part of a membership site challenge.

For 55 weeks, they made 3 videos — 1 from Jason, 1 from Robert, and 1 as an interview between both of them.

Because they originally set this up as a membership site, it would be very easy for you to hitch on that and use the same format. Sell each video as an individual product. I only sold a few of these products individually, but when I did, the results were incredible.

I made several thousand promoting just some of these. Each of these videos comes with a transcript you can use to enhance its value. There are also accompanying mindmaps and pdfs for several of the videos, which pump up the value even more.

The content on them is extremely high-quality, and I nearly filled up several notebooks going through all of the information. You could put these on physical DVDs and have a highly valuable product. Sell these to anyone who wants exposure online.

Sure, selling these to internet marketers would make you a lot of money.

What will you learn in Webinar Blueprint?

You could make a killing in the IM niche alone. But think — the videos included in the site run the gamut. Here are just some ideas on how you can monetize this product in other niches: Make money by selling the traffic videos to anyone who wants more exposure online — offline business owners, real estate agents, etc.

You could easily take the transcripts, modify them a little bit, and sell them as your own products. The videos do have a watermark on them, so you could either re-do the videos in your own voice or get the watermark taken off. Either way, this would be an enormous credibility booster for you.

You could also mix-and-match some of the ideas above.

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As I briefly mentioned, the topics that Jason and Robert spoke about cover a broad range of markets. And even though I listed 5 ideas on how you can monetize what they did, there are plenty more ideas where that came from.

I can near-guarantee your head will be exploding with ideas once you get your hands on everything. Here are just some of the video titles:Jason Fladlien IM Time Management System [9 videos, 8 docs, 1 pdf, 3 mp3] Author: yougb July 15, Uncategorized.

Download Now: Click Here. Resource Description: Jason Fladlien - IM Time Management System [9 videos, 8 docs, 1 pdf, 3 mp3] My name is Jason Fladlien and I bet I get more done in 3 hours than you get done in a whole week. All the latest on Jason Goodman from RSS feeds.

Find out what's Internet been saying about Jason Goodman. Jason Goodman is yet another fictitious name used to promote all kinds of questionable home business and [ ] WorkAtHomeTruth a review of Jason Fladlien's products. Jason Fladlien Copy eClass Review Session-by-Session.

Jason Fladlien Quick Sales Letter Copywriting in description. AutoFollowup Internet & Networking, Commercial, $, 0.

Why Copywriting Courses Kill The Profits Of Small Business Owners

My CopyWriter Simply insert name and email and a completely HTML page will be send to the email. Very Easy to change the design according to your need.

jason fladlien copywriting a name

For any Help. Jan 01,  · Lewis LaLanne - MyNoteTakingNerd Copywriting, Information Marketing, Internet Marketing, Today I wanted to share a late Christmas gift with you that an internet marketing whiz by the name of Jason Fladlien.

If you’ve never heard of Jason before now, today is you’re lucky day. Get the recordings of this intensive training camp on Product Messaging & Sales Page Copywriting Name * Email * Related products.

Brent Mail – Portrait Photography for Profit $ $ Jason Fladlien & Caro McCourtie – Local Consults $ $ Jamel Gibb – Property Umbrella Blueprint $ $ Name Description Joe Polish invites Mike Koenigs, Nick Janicki, and Jason Fladlien onto the show to share their secrets for success.

With four of the world’s best entrepreneurs in one place, this episode is packed with high-quality advice and value. Clean Copywriting Tips Price: Free.

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