Navitas kaplan case essay

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Navitas kaplan case essay

Some districts are turning to international testing for a perspective on how well programs are preparing students for college and beyond. On one hand, the programs guarantee schools a steady stream of international students who diversify the campus and usually pay full tuition.

But they also allow schools to admit students with lower qualifications, and there is little outside research to show whether pathway programs are effective at bringing students up to speed.

Navitas kaplan case essay

All the while, the outside companies make money through a variety of arrangements, usually by taking a cut of the tuition students pay during the time they are in the pathway program.

Advertisement Critics say such programs encourage colleges to lower their standards simply for the profit international students bring, but others say the programs widen access to equally bright students who simply lack English skills.

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Six Navitas kaplan case essay dominate the market, including Kaplan, the well-known test prep company that also recruits students overseas and runs independent language schools in Boston and other cities. Chen participated in a special pathway program, also run in part by Kaplan, in which her first year of Northeastern courses were taught in China.

The university participates in a similar program in Nigeria, allowing students to come to the Boston campus once they successfully complete two semesters of the pathway program in their home country.

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Advertisement Students who attend the pathway programs on the Boston campus may live in the dorms and have access to other university services such as the gym and dining hall. At Wheelock College, a small, financially struggling school in the Fenway, students need only score a 60 out of on the TOEFL English-language exam, a test required by most schools for all international students, to join the program, and they are not required to submit an SAT score, personal statement, or letters of recommendation, according to its website.

The Wheelock program, run by the British company Cambridge Education Group, brings about 60 students a year to the school annually thanks to its global network of recruiters, the company said.

Students take most classes separate from other Wheelock students, then continue either at Wheelock or transfer to one of several local colleges with which the program has agreements. Such programs have become popular with mid-tier schools because the companies assume responsibility for recruiting foreign students.

The University of Massachusetts hosts pathway programs on its Boston, Dartmouth, and Lowell campuses that are run by the multinational company Navitas.

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The Boston program enrolled undergraduates and 50 graduate students this fall, according to the school. The professor, who asked not to be named because she still works in the field, said more than a few students flunked out of the Northeastern program and some who did not earn a passing grade on the exit exam were able to appeal and enter the university anyway.

Students said some of their pathway classmates saw the program as a way to skirt regular entrance requirements. It has lower entrance requirements and costs than other Northeastern colleges.

Northeastern and UMass declined requests to visit a pathway class. In addition to English, many pathway programs teach students about the norms of an American classroom, such as how to give presentations or complete group projects, which are uncommon in other countries, especially in Asia.

Students said more than anything, those skills were useful to learn. Still, many said they regret having paid the high costs of the program. Letty Lei, an ambitious year-old Northeastern student from Taiwan, completed the graduate student pathway program in Boston."Marketo has really forced us to think more strategically about what we are doing with marketing actives and campaigns." Download Case Study All of Navitas’ university pathway colleges now run similar nurturing campaigns.

the Navitas and Kaplan is based on high educational service. They both play an important role at own educational fields and geographical fields. According to Brandenburger and Nalebuffs Value Net model Assume that Navitas is the company and Kaplan is one of competitors of Navitas.


Navitas kaplan case essay

To what extent is Kaplan a threat to Navitas What should Navitas do to address this Clearly Kaplan and Navitas are competitive relationship in Australia, especially the expansion of Kaplan in Australia is a direct challenge to Nacitass position in the educational market.

The competition relationship between the Navitas and Kaplan is based on high educational service. They both play an important role at own educational fields and geographical fields. There are many minor themes presented in the short story Doe Season by David Michael Kaplan, appearing in Portable Literature Seventh Edition on pages through , however there is only one overwhelming theme presented throughout the entirety of the short story.

Kaplan recognizes “without an idealistic component to our foreign policy, there would be nothing to distinguish us from our competitors,” and “Pure realism—without a hint of idealism—would immobilize our mass immigrant democracy, which has always seen itself as an agent of change.”.

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