Royale business presentation hybrid plant

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Royale business presentation hybrid plant

royale business presentation hybrid plant

Our first meeting of the weekend was with Colin Johanson and Eric Flannum to chat about all things Tyria. We were not disappointed with what we learned during the presentation.

No Uggos The first thing the guys showed us was the character creation, a lot more in depth than ever before at these events. Their goal is to have a hybrid of selections and slider options, but not to the point where players can make a beautifully and imposing Norn woman look like a deformed troll.

The game remembers what your look is, and will put those colors on each new piece of armor you receive, unless you tell it otherwise.

Creating and Starting a Charr Next they walked us through creating a Charr. Lots of different fur and hair patterns are available, and the colors are of course customizable. You can even select from well over a dozen horn-styles, with more being added in before the inevitable launch.

This character becomes very valuable to your personal story.

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The Weapon Skills and Dodge Mechanics We were then ushered quickly through the beginning portions of the Charr tutorial. Colin had picked an Engineer and as such began the game with just one attack on his shotgun. So quickly, as you first begin to use a new weapon, you gain skills for that weapon type.

The shotgun Colin used had royale business presentation hybrid plant regular blast as the primary spam-attack, and then as he fought after about five minutes of the tutorial he earned his second weapon skill, a nicely animated snare that shot a net out at the enemy and stops them cold in their tracks.

The guys also talked about the recently announced decision to do away with energy as a form of skill management. Energy is no longer used at all for spells or skills.

No energy potions, just a straight recharge, and right now you can get two full dodges off of your full energy bar before it is rendered empty. Though Colin noted that the more agile classes would likely get bonuses to their dodge and recharge rates, as well as statistical bonuses through gear and so forth.

Colin took the little Asura who may win an award for best animations ever one dayand swam into the deep waters off the coast, aggroing the heck out of every undead baddie there.

The swimming is fluid and smooth, and the skills with your harpoon and spear in the water change combat completely from what you have available on land. At one point he was surrounded by about two-dozen enemies and used a long cooldown skill that created a sort of whirlwind with the spear, knocking enemies left and right and propelling himself about fifty meters away from the trouble, allowing him to start kiting and escape death.

In short… this may be the first time ever where underwater combat is fun. Essentially, ANet is taking a page from shooters in their quick-form PVP matches and putting in a server list format for their matches. Additionally, Eric and Colin said they are considering a plan to allow players to create their own PvP matches within the same system as the official match servers as opposed to "hosting" private servers.

What is Crown Royale?

The idea, if it makes it into the game in time, is to let players tweak the rules and requirements to their specifications along the lines of the way Clans host their own matches for Call of Duty. The map itself had a nice mix of open areas and choke-points, all in a war-torn village sort of setting.

The coolest thing we saw however was the use of the trebuchet. These are scattered for each side throughout the map, and can cause a lot of quite literal destruction when employed correctly. There will be barrels for cover, but these can be broken of course. Bridges, windows, walls, even clock towers and the like are all part of the many ways in which these PVP maps will be interacted with.

Before our presentation and interview ended, we snuck a few final questions at Eric and Colin.

royale business presentation hybrid plant

We pondered more on the World v. The guys said ArenaNet is committed to offering tons of content for free, and the general idea is to never segregate players based on the paid types of content. That, more than anything during the presentation, had me smiling. Be sure to follow him on Twitter for all of his pointless rambling.Explore our scientific journals and find out more about the benefits to authors and readers.

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