Samba 4 bartlet thesis

As I came back in my office this morning I was a bit struck by both displays with the huge Debian screen lock image, and it got me thinking of how Debian has been my companion for so many years. I spoke about this at DebConf 15 a bit, and wrote about a similar concept years before. I realize that it's been almost nine years that I've been thinking rather deeply about my personal relationship with Debian and why it matters. This morning, I was inspired to post this because, echoing back to my thoughts at my DebConf 15 talk, that I can't actually do the work I do without Debian.

Samba 4 bartlet thesis

Merchant accounts are a serious drag.

Samba 4 bartlet thesis

Couple that with getting a gateway account, dealing with credit checks, monthly fees, monthly minimums, slow people in the payments industry, PCI compliance Stripe takes payments and put them behind a simple API. No crappiness and rules of PayPal.

No more reconsidering the meaning of life like back when I had a merchant account. The only downside I see is the 7-day rolling batch deposit to bankversus the nightly batch from the merchant account, though I assume that is for fraud protection. Maybe if you're charging millions of dollars, you should use a regular merchant account.

If you aren't, I'm telling you now: I've been using it for a few months and honestly its the best API I've ever used. The documentation is clear and concise. Its customized to your account so you can literally copy and paste and see the result.

Just like it says, it gets out of your way. I was up and running and accepting recurring payments in less than an hour or so. I actually began to think of larger "swing for the fence" type of ideas that I would have never considered if I were stuck to using Paypal because it was so painless.

Looking forward to them eating every other payment processor's lunch. I've been considering using Braintree for a project, but seeing this is really making me reconsider.

You just click into the dashboard, then fill in a name and password later. It looks like just visiting the front page gives you an account, because the sample code is already using some generated API tokens.

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I've considered doing something similar for my own side project, but went with the more standard sign up because I was worried it would be confusing as it was to me, for a few minutes. Do you guys think this is becoming more mainstream, at least amongst developers and the tech-savvy, that other projects could get away with this?

I'm curious how many support requests Stripe gets because of this. How does this work for the non-logged-in state? I already have an account, and the browser cookie expires or manually delete the cookies. I'll go to the dashboard, and be logged in as "anonymous", and have to sign out and sign in again as the right user.

Seems like an extra incongruous step. I used to use Braintree I much prefer only paying when I make money. I don't NEED a merchant account. I just need to be able to collect money from my customers in an automated way.

Stripe makes that relatively easy. Their API has a quick feedback loop, where you can execute a transaction from the command-line very quickly for Ruby anywaykalasha braved usga roches km ( sq miles) to sq km ( sq miles).

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