Sample project proposal on human resource management

You can doubly use the downloaded Excel file as a template to create a resource plan for your project. What Goes into a Project Resource Plan? A quick look at the example will reveal two important things that must be given due attention in a project resource plan — Human and Non-human resources must be accounted for in separate sections, and The resource requirements should be analyzed individually for each phase of the project.

Sample project proposal on human resource management

Assisting the Department in undertaking entire tender process for selection of Field Survey Agencies for taking up physical verification of completed MI schemes on common rate basis. Facilitating training workshops for the selected Field Survey Agencies and providing handholding for smooth conduct of GPS enabled physical verification of the MI schemes by them.

Generating report covering different aspects of the MI schemes along with suggestions for improving under utilization of the schemes including possibilities for their commercial use.


The program aims at enhancing production, productivity and profitability of vegetables in the country through off-season production under protected cultivation for generating income round the year and offering at competitive price to the consumers.

The agency will address all concerns related to both the demand and supply side of the vegetable sector in one city of each states, which is either the state capital or any other city with a population of over one million and enhance vegetable production and productivity, nutritional security and income support to vegetable farmers.

SFAC has engaged AFC to deliver a range of technical and management services through the creation of a Management Support Group MSGcomprising experienced professionals with expertise in project management, horticulture, monitoring and evaluation and statistics to support the NHM Division in DAC in the roll out and monitoring of the program.

AFC will provide the technical manpower in coordination, supervision, technical backstopping and reporting inputs.

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The project aims enhancing the delivery efficiencies of the ULBs in terms of affording better facilities to the people on a sustainable basis so as to ensure better living conditions.

It also proposes to strengthen the ULBs with better and effective mechanism of administration particularly improved management of levy and collection of taxes and cesses with a view to generating revenues for themselves and become self supporting on a long term basis so that better services could be planned.

The third and more important objective is to ensure maintenance of the assets created so far and also to be created in future, through an efficient system of asset management.

In the context of transparency in the management of the public finances and utilities the project lays emphasis on the need for introduction of better financial management practices.

Sample project proposal on human resource management

The community development component of the project involves wide ranging socially relevant interventions through a series of actions such as health and environmental sanitation, education, women development and empowerment, community organization skill training, R and R and similar others.

The main objective behind the audit is 3rd Party Inspection of works to achieve quality and sound structures by using tested materials and adopting specifications as approved by KRIDL. AFC would identify the NABL accreted Laboratory and engage for testing of construction materials having sufficient numbers of trained, and skilled technical staff, and having equipment to conduct both field test and Laboratory tests and Non destructive tests which are required to be tested at different stages of work as per BIS standards as required by KRIDL.

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BRC shall be the institutional set up at the block level to provide continuous support in terms of awareness generation, motivation, mobilization, training and handholding to the village communities, GPs and VWSCs. Capacity building and generating awareness among the village community on various aspects of safe drinking water by BRCs will be the first step in improving their understanding to achieve drinking water security in term of quantity and quality.

It will also help the villages in achieving Nirmal Gram status, sustaining and building on it with effective and low cost management of solid and liquid wastes.

Monitoring and Evaluation List of on-going assignments Sl.This page describes how to use Microsoft Project (MSP) to implement the project management strategies described in my project planning documents to managers. Information here distills knowledge and wisdom gleaned from years of usage and studying books, user forums, help files, training documents, videos, etc.

A human resource management proposal is a plan which seeks to analyse the effectiveness of the current management portfolio of a company and suggest any changes if required in order to improve the performance of the company and satisfy employee needs. Goals and objectives form the most important part of a project proposal and one should pay great attention while framing them.

Setting the goal is often the first step towards developing a proposal as it lays the foundation for the project.

2) Understanding the role of project proposals in project management • The project proposal is atool — not a goal. It should be followed as closely as pos-sible, . In this portion of the proposal you need to express any information about the problem or idea in such a way (using logic and sense-making) that management may be able to understand that a human resource development need exists, which if provided for, may significantly address many aspects of the problem or 4/4(6).

Note. We are looking for new Community Rated HMOs. The U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM), administrator of the Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB) Program, would like to expand nationwide the number of health maintenance organizations (HMO) available in the Program.

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