Swot analysis tea plantation

Laboratory-wise core competence is as follows: It carries out research in various areas of modern biotechnology and biological sciences such as allergy and infectious diseases, molecular pathogenesis and recombinant DNA technology, while the main focus is on genomics and bioinformatics. IGIB has emerged as one of the leading institutes conducting globally competitive research in Functional Genomics and Genome Informatics for the benefit of human health. Institute of Microbial Technology IMTECH, Chandigarh Basic and application-oriented research in molecular biology and microbial genetics; cell biology and immunology; protein science and engineering; and fermentation technology and applied microbiology.

Swot analysis tea plantation

It is very popular in Kenya where it is grown for both local and export markets. It is grown in Kenya as a domestic fruit and small-scale cash crop. Papayas enzymes promote digestion easing constipation.

Sale of fresh papaya provides regular income for farmers since the fruits are produced through out the year. Utilization Pawpaw fruits are sold and eaten locally as fresh fruit, with high demand from the hotels, local grocery, fruit salad vendors, supermarkets and export market.

The fruits are dried and exported as part of a dried fruit mixture. It can be used to make ice-cream flavour, refreshing drinks, jam, jelly, wine, marmalade, candies and crystallized fruits. The latex produced by the unripe fruit is harvested and used in the production of papain, used in the brewing industry, canned meats and pharmaceutical industries.

Green fruits are pickled or cooked as a vegetable. Young leaves are sometimes eaten as vegetables. Potential for Pawpaw farming Pawpaw production can be very profitable and rewarding for a farmer even on a small parcel of land.

There are a number of processing opportunities for the fruit and export market. Tree types The pawpaw has three tree types based on the flowers are arranged; female, male and hermaphrodite.

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These can only be differentiated after it flowers. The characteristics are described below: Pistillate Female plants They produce female flowers only. These are large, situated singly or in clusters near the trunk of the tree and close to the base of the leaf stalk.

Swot analysis tea plantation

There are no stamens Male flowersso cross pollination is necessary for the fruit to set. They produce good fruits. Staminate Male plants They produce only male flowers, which are borne in large numbers in long, drooping branches of up to 1m in length. The true male flower produces pollen only and it is essential for the development of fruit from the female flower.

Occasionally male plants will produce 2 hermaphrodite flowers and set fruit on the ends of the branches; however, these fruits are usually of poor quality or no fruit production. Hermaphrodite plants They produce flowers which have both male and female parts and are capable of self- pollination.

Bisexual fruits are usually long and narrow, and although the eating quality may be excellent, the shape presents some problems for commercial handling. Pollination Pollination is a key component of productivity that also plays a role in determining fruit set and fruit quality.

Hence it is important to balance the tree types. PawPaw Varieties in Kenya The following are the common pawpaw varieties grown in Kenya; Solo— produces small round sweet fruits with uniform sizes and shape.

Vega F1— produces medium sized fruits with an attractive red flesh. Fruits are firm and sweet, weighing Sunrise— produces smooth pear shaped fruits of high quality, weighing about g. Flesh of fruits is reddish orange and the variety is high yielding. Mountain— produces small fruits only suitable for preserves and jam.

Swot analysis tea plantation

Red royale F1— this is an improved breed that gives good quality fruits weighing 1. Sinta F1— female fruits are round while hermaphrodite fruits are oblong with an average weight of 2kg. Flesh is deep yellow, firm and sweet. Types of Papaya Plants The types are based on the flowers arranged and can only be differentiated after the plants have flowered.

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Introduction Papaya (Carica papaya) is a perennial fruit tree widely cultivated in tropical and subtropical climates for its nutritive and medicinal values. It is very popular in Kenya where it is grown for both local [ ].

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